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How to Reset Mac SMC (System Management Controller)

When & Why Reset SMC on a Mac? Some Common Hardware Reasons Typically, an SMC reset helps to resolve many power and hardware related issues that are otherwise unresponsive to troubleshooting techniques. Resetting a Mac SMC is particularly effective if you’re having the following types of problems:
* Issues with your Mac cooling fans and fan management: the fans run constantly at high speed, fans run high despite low CPU usage and adequate ventilation, fans not working at all, etc
* Power management and battery problems: Mac isn’t turning on, sleep isn’t working, random shutdowns and reboots, battery isn’t charging, Mac won’t wake from sleep, etc
* Light problems and improper lighting management: battery indicator lights aren’t working, display backlighting isn’t adjusting to ambient light changes, keyboard backlights not working, etc
* Video and external displays not working: display brightness functionality not working properly, target video mode isn’t working prope…

How to extend iPhone Battery Life

Extending iPhone battery life is very simple and needs following few steps which is really very easy for any iPhone user.
Here I will tell you how to perform the steps so that you can do it yourself at home.
Modifying iPhone battery/ power section is technically called “Calibrating battery”. Now why you should calibrate your iPhone Battery?

Calibrating your iPhone battery (also referred to as resetting the battery) is a surprisingly important part of iPhone maintenance. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize its benefits, and even fewer take the time to perform the necessary steps.
Without a correctly calibrated battery, you’re likely to experience inaccurate and erratic battery percentage readings, quicker battery drain, and a shorter total lifespan for your battery. If you iPhone shuts down unexpectedly when your battery life percentage hits single digits, poor calibration is almost certainly to blame.
Many factors can cause a battery to become incorrectly calibrated…

Common Laptop Problems

Here, we will go a bit deeper about common computer problems on laptops. It is a very high probability that it will be a hard drive problem. From my personal experience, hard drive tends to fail at very high rates. And, it is natural for them to fail as they have moving parts which get heavy loads during usage.
Another factor that puts the hard drive at risk in the first place is that laptops are carried around and sometimes suffer from heavy drops to the floor. There are developed systems that disable the hard drive when it senses it is falling. But, this device only seems to work on the newest systems, and is not very reliable.

Figure 1: A classic example of a bad sector on a hard disk. The Motherboard does not have any moving or spinning parts and the build quality they have these days is very good. So, to see a motherboard fault is less likely than a hard drive fault. But, there are many factors that influence the motherboard to fail as well. The well-known DC Jack f…

How to speed up Windows 10 PC ?

Windows 10 is probably the quickest Windows so far, but it is still vulnerable to common issues that slow down PCs like a hard drive full of junk files and background applications that waste memory. To keep your PC clean and optimized so that it runs as fast as possible there are a lot of manual things you can do.
Reduce startup programs Many programs will load when Windows start, even though they don’t need to. This wastes your resources. To trim the fat follow these steps:
Type "System configuration" into the Windows search fieldOpen the appClick on the “Services” tab and check “Hide all Microsoft services”Now turn off the programs you don’t think you need and click applyUninstall programs you no longer use The next step is to remove programs from your system that you no longer use. This will free up space and speed up your Computer / Laptop. Here’s what you do:
Type “Programs and features” into the Windows search fieldOpen the appHighlight an app you are sure you no…

How to Stop Verification Required While Installing Apps on iPhone and iPad

Do you keep getting the annoying popup asking you to verify every time you try to download something from the App Store? It shows up even when you’re trying to download a free app! The popup usually says something like “Before you can make purchases, you must tap Continue to verify your payment info” or “Tap Continue and sign in to view billing information”.

It’s not a bug! All you need to do is enter some sort of payment information in the App Store and it will stop bugging you. Don’t worry, if you don’t have a credit card, you can select the “None” payment option to stop these popups.
How to Add Payment Information To Disable Verification Required PopupsStep 1: On your iPhone or iPad running iOS 12, open the Settings app.
Step 2: Select iTunes & App Store option.

Step 3: Tap on your Apple ID and select the View Apple ID option.
Step 4: Once you get to the Account page, tap on Payment Information.

Step 5: Here, if you have a credit card, choose the appropriate option. But you can …

Is your Macbook overheating?

When Apple revealed its newest MacBook Pro laptops, it naturally emphasized the computers’ performance capabilities. Apple’s line of pro laptops is targeted toward creative professionals who do processor-intensive work on their PCs, and Apple was eager to appeal to them. There was just one issue, as some early buyers soon found out: In certain scenarios the machines were under performing due to thermal throttling.

Apple now says it’s aware of the issue and is releasing a software fix to address it. In a statement released today, the company says it’s discovered a bug that’s been slowing down processor speeds when the machine gets hot. “Following extensive performance testing under numerous workloads, we’ve identified that there is a missing digital key in the firmware that impacts the thermal management system and could drive clock speeds down” under heavy loads on the new laptops, an Apple spokesperson said. “We apologize to any customer who has experienced less than optim…

Why do software developers love to use MacBook Pro for development if they prefer a Unix-based OS?

One less thing to think about when there’s a billion things to think about
With software development being the act of keeping so many balls in the air, it’s nice to have a development machine which requires minimal thought and configuration. Sure, Linux is fun and you learn a lot while using it, but when you just want your development environment to work it’s often not the best choice (unless you have considerable expertise with your bistro of choice).
You get a lot of the most useful Unix qualities in OSX
Frankly, all I need is a nice terminal, a laptop that keeps running, and the best tools for your job: and this is what OSX provides. I have my lovely iterm2 app configured with Oh My ZSH. I have all my development tools (which are usually built for native OSX and so run smoothly). I have a laptop which very rarely freezes. So I’m happy. The difference between Linux and OSX is the difference between a car made of Lego and a normal car. You can make that Lego car into almo…

Macbook service center in Kolkata City

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